Pixie News February 07, 2014 10:51

At Pixie Glassworks, our primary intent is to provide tools that make essential oils accessible and easy to use. We have a great respect for quality essential oils and realize that there are many different companies providing high quality aromatherapy oils. There are currently two popular contenders that we feel both offer wonderful products. It has come to our attention that the challenges and differences facing these two companies are starting to affect our business as well. As crafters of instruments that are available for everyone to enjoy, we are therefore regretful to announce that we will be stepping away from any direct support of one company or the other. We are regretful in saying this because we are saddened by this division that has alienated some of our customers and because of the impact this division has placed on supporters of essential oils in general.

Going forward we will only be offering our own in-house essential oil blends alongside our line of glass aromatherapy tools. This will allow us to focus on what we love and do best; crafting hand-blown glass to allow for the convenient use and enjoyment of any chosen essential oil.

Thank-you for your continued support,

The Team at Pixie Glassworks