About Us

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Irja & Tom
Pixie Glassworks was born in 1999; soon after twin flames Tom Billings and Irja Kriegel met and melted each other’s hearts. Their synergy of creative energy fused into a passion for glass flame-working that would take them on a journey of a life-time.
The Pixie Caravan
Dreams of traveling and creating art for a living, has led them on a voyage of festival tours and markets in their hand-crafted Pixie Caravan. Keep and eye out; you are sure to spot the Pixie Caravan easily, and it is loaded with glass treasures at all summer times. 
Aromatherapy Jewelry
Both Tom and Irja have a college education in herbology, and have studied Ayurveda and Aromatherapy. In 2001, Irja invented her famous Pixie Glassworks Aromatherapy Pendant, and the concept has blossomed into a successful line of glass aromatherapy products.
Aromatherapy Jewelry and Dragon's Den
Tom & Irja took the Aromatherapy Pendant to the Dragons and it was featured on CBC Dragon’s Den (Season Five, Episode 16). The overwhelming positive response after the national TV exposure enabled the Pixies to move forward with their plans to expand their business.
The Pixie-Workshop
In August 2011, they moved from their garage studio into an 1800 square foot warehouse studio, and have since assembled a fantastic team of talented, young glass artisans. Their expansion has allowed new elements to be introduced into the production of their treasures, like sandblasting and electro-forming. 
The Team
Every new apprentice has brought a unique and valuable contribution to the Pixie Glassworks team. With the new and imaginative artists, the new techniques and a more creative environment, the Pixie team is excited to bring you more innovative and beautiful glass products into the future!
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