Class Descriptions

Pixie Glassworks Classes - 2017

Pixie Glassworks is Edmonton's hot new glass studio and is dedicated to exploring and sharing the art of borosilicate flameworking. We offer state of the art equipment and some of the best new colored glass available in the world today. In our commitment to safety, we have a first rate ventilation system in place and industry standard eye protection for all students to wear.

  • Weeknight classes are three hours long and the cost is $150.00 per person, per class. Weekend workshops run from 9 am-5 pm on Saturday and Sunday, with an hour break for lunch, and the cost is $500.00.
  • Weekend classes require two registered students to run, and the deadline for booking is the Friday of the weekend before the scheduled class weekend. Any fees accepted will be refunded if the class is unable to run.
  • Fees include instruction, proper eye protection, safe ventilation, all materials, studio space and taxes. Your hand-made treasures will be annealed in the kiln and are then free to be taken home.
  • 24 hours' notice is required for cancellation of a scheduled weeknight class to avoid a $30.00 cancellation fee. Cancellation of a weekend workshop will result in a $100.00 cancellation fee.
  • Classes are limited to 3 students per instructor, with the exception of pipemaking classes, which are limited to 2 students per instructor.
  • Please wear tight fitted clothing for the class, no loose scarves or sleeves and close-toed shoes.


Introduction to Lampworking Weekend Workshop

This is a weekend-long workshop that covers the basics of borosilicate lampworking, and will take you through a variety of techniques and forms. You will receive lessons in implosions, sculpture, mandrel beads, and hollow body vessels, and can expect to go home with some magical creations!

Cost: $500

Pipe-making Weekend Workshop

This weekend-long workshop will take you through the basics of hollow body, basic pipe forms and techniques for adding color to your work such as frit, abstract, and rake. This will give students a foundation in borosilicate pipe-making and color theory.

Cost: $500



BORO Beads - Level 1:

In this class you will learn how to form beads around a mandrel in your torch flame and then how to add some artistic flare using different basic techniques. This is a perfect class for the beginner glass enthusiast!   

Cost: $150



BORO Beads - Level 2: 

If you enjoyed Boro Beads Level 1 and you want to learn more, this is the class for you! An assortment of techniques will be covered allowing you to experiment with different ways of applying color and texture to your beads.      
Prerequisite: Boro Beads - Level 1, or Intro to Lampworking Workshop
Cost: $150



BORO Beads - Level 3: 

The Boro Beads Level 1 and 2 classes give you a wide variety of techniques to explore. In this level 3 class, you can choose the direction you would like to go in with your beads and then get extra help to realize your artistic vision!
Prerequisite: Boro Beads - Level 2
Cost: $150




Hollow Body - Level 1: 

Using your own breath to form molten glass is truly a magical experience. In this class you will learn the basics by working on small corked vessels that you can keep your favorite treasures in.

Cost: $150


Hollow Body - Level 2: 

The skills learned in the basic hollow-body class will be built upon as you explore the basics of frit work as a new coloring technique for your vessels. You can expect to go home with some stylish and colorful frit jars!  

Prerequisite: Hollow Body - Level 1, or Intro to Lampworking Workshop, or Pipe Making Workshop
Cost: $150



Hollow Body - Level 3: 

Different coloring methods such as tag & spin, raking and using swizzle sticks will be covered in this class.  The focus will be on creating vessels, but these techniques will be useful for all types of hollow-body projects including jars, pendants & blown beads.  

Prerequisite: Hollow Body - Level 2
Cost: $150



Implosions - Level 1: 

Implosions are designs made by encasing colored glass with clear glass. You’ll learn how to implode colorful designs into pendants or onto stir sticks. This is an opportunity to learn basics about the boro glass color palette and to start learning how to form strong loops to make your glass art wearable.  A great class for beginners!

Cost: $150


Implosions - Level 2: 

Ever wonder how you get those little mushrooms into the glass? You’ll learn all the secrets in this special class! You will continue to learn how to work with different borosilicate colors as you explore this implosion technique.
 Prerequisite: Implosions Level 1, or Intro to Lampworking Workshop
Cost: $150



Implosions - Level 3: 

In this class you will use a combination of skills learned in the level 1 and 2 classes to make yourself a jellyfish pendant!
Prerequisite: Implosions Level 2
Cost: $150

Sculpture - Level 1: 

Flameworking is a great way to form glass with precision on a small scale. In this class you will learn how to make sculpted mushroom ornaments, which are perfect for decorating your favorite plant pot or terrarium.

Cost: $150


Sculpture - Level 2: 

Take your basic sculpture skills to a higher level with this intermediate class. You will learn how to sculpt a seahorse pendant, which can be used as a pendant or decoration. Students will come out of this class with a greater knowledge of how to work different glass colors properly.
Prerequisite: Sculpture Level 1, or Intro to Lampworking Workshop
Cost: $150



Sculpture - Level 3: 

Borosilicate glass is an amazingly versatile and wonderful medium to work with. Different shaping techniques will be covered as you work through making a snail sculpture. Once you've mastered these basic techniques the sky is the limit!
Prerequisite: Sculpture Level 2
Cost: $150


Pipe-making Level 1: 

Borosilicate glass is the perfect medium with which to make beautiful, clean smoking devices. Because of the advanced nature of pipe-making, it is the only level 1 class that requires a prerequisite. You will have the opportunity to make a basic spoon pipe out of your choice of six colors.
Prerequisite: Hollow Body Level 1, or Intro to Lampworking Workshop; 18 + only. Max 2 students per class
Cost: $150


Pipe-making Level 2: 

Building upon the foundations of your pipe-making skills, this class will cover the basic coloring technique of frit work. With this introduction to color there are so many directions you can go in as you progress as a pipe-maker. 
Prerequisite: Pipe-making Level 1; 18 + only. Max 2 students per class
Cost: $150



Pipe-making Level 3: 

Accenting your pipe with colored carb holes and add-ons will be the focus of this class. Using the frit coloring technique covered in level 2, students will make a pipe in a half sherlock shape (slight bends) and add on a carb, blobs and a kickstand. 
Prerequisite: Pipe-making Level 2, or Pipe-making Workshop; 18 + only.  Max 2 students per class 
Cost: $150