Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Please note; Our oil blends are sold separately from the pendants and the pendants are meant to be purchased empty allowing our customers to fill their pendants with the oil they choose. There are many options, and here are a few of our own

Q: How do they work?

A: Pixie Aromatherapy Pendants are designed to slowly diffuse essential oils, bathing you in subtle healing aromas wherever you go. The tiny open hole at the bottom or each one is pushed up to form an inverted funnel within the reservoir. This shape traps the oils using the same concept as a wasp trap. Tip it! Turn it upside down! The oil won't come out, but the scent will!

Q: Can I refill it?

A: Yes! Simply turn the pendant upside down and use the pressure of an eyedropper to force the essential oils through the funnel. You must put the eyedropper as far into the funnel as it will go, and use a pumping action. You can fill the reservoir until the oil reaches the tip of the funnel. After filling, use a tissue to wipe out the inside of the funnel.


Q: I have left my pendant sitting for a while, and the oil seems to have dried out. What do I do?

A: Some oils may gum up when left to evaporate completely. This can be avoided by topping up the oils every week or so. You can stir up and refresh any old oil by pumping a fresh eyedropper of oil into the pendant. If your oils do gum up, soften them by adding rubbing alcohol and letting them sit over night before extracting the blend with our Pixie Glassworks Aromatherapy Care Kit syringe.

Q: Are they durable?

A: Absolutely! Pixie Aromatherapy products are hand-blown using top quality borosilicate (hard) glass. This is one of the most durable types of glass in the world. It is the same type of glass used for laboratory apparatus and kitchenware. To maximize strength, each piece is annealed in a kiln after being shaped in the torch flame. 


Q: Can I change the ink in my Pixie Glassworks Aromatherapy pen?

A: Yes! We use the ink insert that comes in a BIC Crystal pen. You can find these at almost any stationery office supply store. If you are having a hard time finding them, just e-mail us and we'll help you out.

Just pull the old one out and pop the new one in. You may need to use pliers to quickly remove the pen insert from the BIC pen. If you find that the new insert is a bit too long, take a pair of scissors and trim up the end. 

Q: Can I change the scent, and how do I clean my pendant?

A: You have two options; wait for the existing oils to evaporate, then use an eyedropper to refill with different oils. Alternatively, you can use a syringe to extract the existing oils. Use rubbing alcohol to soften gummy oils and to rinse the pendant if necessary. A 25 gauge, 1 inch, blunt syringe and an eyedropper are included in our Pixie Glassworks Aromatherapy Care Kit

Q: I heard you took these products to the TV show Dragon's it true? 

A:'s true! It was a great adventure and in the end being on the show was the best thing ever for our business. Kevin O'Leary was not as grouchy as usual (probably because we made him smell our "Cheer-up" blend!) If you'd like to see the episode or read more about our Dragon's Den adventures, please visit our Dragon's Den page.


Q: What method of shipping do you use?

A: We use Canada Post expedited shipping, unless otherwise selected. Expedited packages include a tracking number. Shipping charges are calculated in real-time.

Canada Post expedited shipping for our retail customers is a flat-rate $5.00 on orders over $50.00, and FREE on orders over $100.00 (within Canada).

Please check out our page on US/International Shipping for information about shipping outside of Canada.

If you are local, and would like to pick up your package when it is ready, please use the promo code Pickup or NoShipping at checkout, and leave us a note in the "Note to seller" box at checkout. We will give you a shout when your order is ready for pickup either via email or phone. 




Special thanks to Curtis Cherniwchan and RAW Manipulations for the videos.