Maintaining Your Pixie Aromatherapy Jewelry 1

Copy of When filling/refilling the pendant, be sure to:
Each Pixie Glassworks Aromatherapy Pendant has been checked to ensure the correct size and placement of the hole in the funnel. 
This in turn allows the pendant to hang from any direction and not leak. Here are some tips used to safeguard the life of a Pixie pendant.

  • Use the eyedropper provided by Pixie Glassworks, or an eyedropper that is comparable in size.
  • Eyedroppers that are too large, or that are forced into the funnel may sometimes crack, or “punch” out the tip in the funnel; this will leave a hole that is too big and may cause the pendant to leak the essential oil.
  • Use a “pump” action with the eyedropper when filling your pendant. The strength of the pumping action is what forces the essential oil through the hole in the pendant. The oil will not drain into the funnel on its own, or will take a considerably long time to do so.
  • When extracting old oil or cleaning a Pixie pendant by extracting the isopropyl alcohol from the pendant, please use a 25 gauge syringe. 
  • We suggest a 1 inch, 25 gauge, blunt-tipped syringe but any syringe with those size specifications will do the trick. They are available in our Care Kits, which are order-able on our website, and all pendants are tested to ensure that they will properly accept this size of syringe while not compromising the size of the hole.
  • It is a good idea to refresh your oils from time to time. Refreshing your oils can be done by taking a large amount of fresh essential oil into the eyedropper, and pumping it into the pendant. This will stir up the oil inside and give it a boost with the new oil.
  • If the pendant has been sitting for a long time, and the oils are now gummed up inside: Add some iso-propyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) into the pendant and leave it to sit overnight. Using a syringe (best to use a 1 inch, 25 gauge syringe), withdraw the old oil out and you are ready to go!
  • Check out our Care Kits for everything you need to switch up the essential oils in your Pixie jewelry. Kits include a 1 inch, 25 gauge, blunt tipped syringe, an eyedropper & full instructions.
  • Once the pendant is filled, please use a tissue to soak up any residual oil in the funnel. It is a small step that will help considerably if there is any concern about getting oil on clothing or your person.
  • Wearing your pendant while submersed in water will dilute and cloud the essential oils inside. It is best to remove them and start fresh.
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