Aromatherapy Glass Pens, Colored Sandblast


This unique Pixie Glassworks aromatherapy pen has a built in reservoir at the top that holds essential oils. The reservoir is designed with a leak-proof open hole so your essential oils can slowly diffuse. The scent will surround you in subtle healing aromas as you write!

Each pen has a glass bauble fused to the side to prevent rolling.

Refill your ink with a BIC Crystal pen insert; refill your essential oils with an eye-dropper. Find out how on our FAQ page!

Average length is 16cm. Each pen is handmade so dimensions and colors may vary slightly. Each Pixie Glassworks aromatherapy pen comes safely nestled in a hand-made, fairly traded paper box.

An eyedropper is included with the purchase of every Pixie Aromatherapy Pen, and may be purchased separately if required. Please check out our Pixie Glassworks Essential Oil blends for a perfect companion to your aromatherapy pen!

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