Monthly Bundle, Aromatherapy Pendant + Essential Oil Blend



This month we have two specialty aromatherapy pendants to offer;

1. Jackpot Frit Aromatherapy Pendants house shimmery, dark green glass shards blown inside dark green glass.

2. Teal Dichroic Aromatherapy Pendants showcase a reflective, colorful dichroic coating that looks beautiful over any color, but especially teal glass. 

  • Bundle includes one pendant, an eyedropper, filling/care instructions + 3.75 ml Pixie Glassworks essential oil blend of your choice, at a 40%-60% off.
  • All pendants come strung on an adjustable, 2 mm, black, waxed cotton cord.
  • All of these wonderful items come in a small organza bag for easy gifting.
A list to all of our available essential oil blends and their descriptions are available by clicking here.

    Pixie Aromatherapy products are hand-blown using top quality borosilicate (hard) glass. Borosilicate is one of the most durable types of glass in the world and is the same type of glass used for laboratory apparatus and kitchenware.

    To maximize strength, each piece is annealed in a kiln after being shaped in the torch flame. The tiny open hole at the bottom of each one is pushed up to form an inverted funnel within the reservoir. This shape traps the oils using the same concept as a wasp trap. 

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