Pixie Aromatherapy products are hand-blown using top quality borosilicate (hard) glass. Borosilicate is one of the most durable types of glass in the world and is the same type of glass used for laboratory apparatus and kitchenware.
    To maximize strength, each piece is annealed in a kiln after being shaped in the torch flame. The tiny open hole at the bottom of each one is pushed up to form an inverted funnel within the reservoir. This shape traps the oils using the same concept as a wasp trap.
    Tip it! Shake it! Turn it upside down! The oil won't come out, but the scent will! It's pure physics!
      We currently have a 2 business-day lead-time on orders. Please keep in mind when estimating ship times that orders placed today may take up to 2 business days to ship out from our studio.
        Thank-you, and much love from the Team at Pixie Glassworks! Special thanks to Curtis Cherniwchan and RAW Manipulations for the videos.