Essential Oils

Essential oils are the aromatic, volatile oils found naturally in plants. The most common method of extracting the essential oils from the herb is by steam distillation.

All of our Essential Oils are in their pure and concentrated form (no carrier oils are added), and as such should be used with care.

The oils are safe to use in your Pixie Aromatherapy Products without the need to dilute them, but if you intend to use them topically they should be diluted appropriately.

Special care should be taken if using any essential oils when pregnant or epileptic.

Eyedroppers are available if required, and are listed in the drop down menu of each essential oil.

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Goddess - 3.75 / 10 ml

Clary Sage • Geranium • Rosewood • Bergamot • Himalayan Cedarwood

This blend is soft, calming and balancing; a true gift to women. Benefits of this blend may include:

•Hormonal balancing

•Aiding symptoms of PMS & menopause

•Stress relief

Clary Sage and Geranium offer hormonal balancing qualities while the grounding, connecting nature of Rosewood helps remove stress and nervous tension. The uplifting freshness of Bergamot is perfectly rounded out by the balsamic, sweet scent of Himalayan Cedarwood.

Goddess Options

Passion 3.75 / 10 ml

Patchouli • Ylang-Ylang

This aphrodisiac blend is sultry and seductive, deep and rich. Benefits of this blend may include:

•Enhancement of aphrodisia

•Euphoric inspiration

•Boosting of self-confidence

The euphoric nature of Ylang-Ylang brings out the warmth, sensitivity and self-confidence of the feminine; the musky, woody qualities of Patchouli carry the grounding, balancing nature of the masculine.

Passion Options

Relax 3.75l / 10 ml

Lavender • Mandarin • Himalayan Cedarwood

Blended to gently ease the body, balance the mind and soothe the soul. Benefits of this blend may include:

Anxiety relief

•Easing of headaches

•Balancing & soothing qualities

Lavender’s familiar calming, soothing and purifying qualities are complimented by the fruity scent of mandarin and the grounding, woody fragrance of Himalayan Cedarwood. Relax is a customer favorite and can be enjoyed by most everyone.

Relax Options

Chai Spice 3.75ml / 10ml

Cinnamon • Cardamom • Clove • Ginger • Aniseed • Orange

A warm and festive blend that is sure to spice you up. Benefits of this blend may include:

•Appetite stimulation

•Nausea relief

•Warm & festive aromas

The carminative, restorative properties of the oils in this blend lend themselves in stimulating a healthy appetite, aiding digestion and helping to curb nausea. Some of these oils also possess antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial agents making them useful during cold and flu season, and for general cleansing and purifying around the home.

Chai Spice Options

Engerize 3.75ml / 10ml

Peppermint • Lemon • Aniseed

Stimulating, fresh and crisp, benefits of this blend may include:

•Mental focus

•Easing of headaches

•Nausea relief

These oils can also be soothing to a nervous stomach and can aid in the relief of headaches and respiratory conditions. Antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial agents are present in this blend making it a great ally in the treatment of fever, nausea, bronchitis and the flu.

Energize Options

Refresh 3.75ml / 10ml

Eucalyptus • Lime • Grapefruit

Breathe easy with this uplifting, invigorating citrus blend. Benefits of this blend may include:

•Respiratory support

•Anti-depressive qualities

•Cleansing & uplifting qualities

The antiviral, antiseptic and tonic properties present in these oils, makes this blend useful in the treatment of respiratory ailments such as: asthma, bronchitis and coughs. Eucalyptus works specifically on the lungs while the lime and grapefruit oils stimulate, invigorate and contribute their anti-depressive qualities. 

Refresh options

Cheer up 3.75ml / 10ml

Bergamot • Geranium • Lemongrass

If sunshine could be bottled, this is how it would smell. These uplifting essential oils can turn any frown upside-down. Benefits of this blend may include:

•Anti-depressive qualities

•Immune system support

•Anxiety relief

The calming, antidepressant qualities of Bergamot combined with the hormonal balancing attributes of Geranium plus the tonic, refreshing nature of Lemongrass formulate a blend that helps you feel happy! Lemongrass aids in building the immune system and contains antiseptic, bactericidal and fungicidal agents. A healthy body promotes a healthy mind.

Cheer Up options

Fortify 3.75ml / 10ml

Rosemary • Eucalyptus • Lemon • Cinnamon • Clove

Benefits of this blend may include:

•Antiviral effects

•Safeguarding against colds & flus

•Immune system support

According to legend, this recipe (also known as Thieves Oil) has its roots in the time of the Black Plague. Thieves were caught robbing the victims while somehow managing to evade contracting the plague themselves. In court, they admitted to using a combination of powerful herbs with anti-viral, antibiotic and antiseptic qualities. Now it's available in a concentrated pure essential oil blend!

Fortify Options

Greenman 3.75 ml

Spruce • Fir Needle • Rosewood • Lime • Himalayan Cedarwood

Celebrate the nature of the masculine with this fresh, woodsy blend! Benefits of this blend may include:

•Immune & respiratory support

•Stress relief

•Grounding properties

Spruce and fir needle from Austria offer immune and respiratory supporting qualities while the grounding, connecting nature of rosewood helps remove stress and nervous tension. The uplifting freshness of lime is perfectly rounded out by the balsamic scent of Himalayan Cedarwood to make a blend fit for a king!

Greenman Options

Aromatherapy Jewelry Care Kit

Our Pixie Glassworks Aromatherapy Care Kits are for changing and cleaning the essential oils in your Pixie Glassworks aromatherapy products. 

Care Kit includes:

1 x 25 gauge, blunt tipped, 3ml syringe for extracting the oils.

1 x Eyedropper for refilling the oils, and/or filling your Pixie product with isopropyl alcohol to soften up old, gummy oils.

1 x Instruction sheet on how to use the two above tools.

Check out the video below, or read more here for more info on how to change, clean and maintain your Pixie Glassworks Aromatherapy products.

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