Scents of Wonder Essential Oil, Peppermint - 5 ml

Scents of Wonder, Aromatherapy uses pure, full-strength essential oils.

Peppermint Mentha piperiata var. vulgaris

This oil is steam distilled from the flowering herb. Much research has been done on this plant, as it has been in the European culture for hundreds of years. This oil is multi-purpose and one of the most important oils in aromatherapy.

It may be used to help shingles, acne, and dermatitis.

It is thought to be detoxifying. It may constrict capillaries, relieve itching, inflammation, soften and de-grease the skin, decrease water retention in tissue and cool skin. Peppermint is also a decongestant and may stimulate the mind.

Thought to be useful for some headaches, (those that are helped by cooling down).

Avoid in pregnancy and lactation. Keep away from babies and infants, at least up to the age of 6. Keep away from eyes and nostrils. Do not use on grafted tissue. Do not take internally.

Essential oils are potent, so always use carefully. As a rule, do not apply onto skin without first diluting with vegetable oil. Avoid any oils if you are allergic to the plant that they originate from. Use oils carefully to determine which, if any of the oils you react to. If you are epileptic or have asthma, note your reactions and avoid those that create a problem. Keep away from babies, children, and pets. Avoid internal use. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding, or consult an aromatherapist to see which oils you can use safely.

This information is meant for educational purposes only and does not attempt to diagnose or treat. Aromatherapy is an evolving field, not everything is understood about how oils react with medicines and individual chemistry, so always be cautious and monitor your own reactions.


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