Clear Aromatherapy Pendants, Zipper Pulls and Earrings

These pendants display the simple elegance and ingenious design of the Pixie Aromatherapy Pendant. You can see your essential oils swishing around inside without being able to drip out!

Clear with Flower Aromatherapy Pendants and Zipper Pulls

A tiny glass flower adds that extra touch to a clear pendant.

Rake Aromatherapy Pendants

This design is achieved by "raking" the molten colored glass with a clear glass rod.

Frit Aromatherapy Pendants

Frit is the name for the tiny shards of colored glass that are melted into the inside of the glass.

Stripe Aromatherapy Pendants

Bright and bold colors wind around these Pixie Pendants.

Reversal Aromatherapy Pendants

This design is created by reversing the axis on which the pendant is being turned as it is formed.

Colored with Opal Aromatherapy Pendants

A dazzling Gilson created opal highlights this colored aromatherapy pendant.

Colored with Flower Aromatherapy Pendants

A tiny hand-made flower decorates the front on these bright, translucent Pixie Pendants.

Abstract Aromatherapy Pendants

Our nickname for this glass patterning is the "J.P. effect", referring to the works of the famous abstract expressionist painter, Jackson Pollock.

Opal Frit Pendants

Genuine Gilson created opals are encased within this special Aromatherapy Pendant.

Translucent Aromatherapy Pendants

Simple elegance blended with vibrant, luminescent color!

Dichroic Aromatherapy Pendants

A favorite; Dichroic aromatherapy pendants.

Colored Sandblast Aromatherapy Pendants

Our translucent pendants are available sandblasted which gives them a soft, matte finish.

Colored Sandblast with Design Aromatherapy Pendants

Specific designs are sandblasted into these Pixie Pendants.

Colored Sandblast with Zodiac Design Aromatherapy Pendants

Our newest addition: Sandblasted pendants that are available in all signs of the zodiac.

Frit Aromatherapy Pens

These aromatherapy pens are made by melting colored glass shards into the inside of the glass.

Rake Aromatherapy Pens

These aromatherapy pens are hand-blown using the coloring technique of "raking".

Sandblasted Aromatherapy Pens

Sandblasting gives a wonderful combination of beauty, aromatherapy and texture!

Aromatherapy Earrings

Not only do they make scents, they look great too!

Aromatherapy Zipper Pulls

Use aromatherapy anywhere, any time with a Pixie Aromatherapy Zipper-pull! Just clip it on to your favorite jacket, purse or cell-phone. Our zipper pulls are available in almost every style of pendant.

Pixie Glassworks House Essential Oil Blends

Our aromatherapy blends are comprised of 100 % Essential Oils. Pure and natural with no added carrier oils.