Aromatherapy Jewelry - Opal Frit

Tiny shards of Gilson Opals bejewel these exquisite pendants and zipper pulls.

Dress them up on your favorite chain for a special evening out, or wear them with your most comfy outfit - they pair beautifully with anything. 

  • The size and color of the pendants may vary slightly from the image shown.
  • All Aromatherapy Zipper-pulls come double wrapped with strong silver-plated wire and come hooked onto a lanyard clasp. The clasp makes it easy to clip your zipper pull wherever you need it - for aromatherapy on the go!  Avg. size approx. 3cm tall x 1 1/2cm wide.
  • An eyedropper is included with the purchase of every Pixie Aromatherapy Pendant, and may be purchased separately if required. Please check out our Pixie Glassworks Essential Oil blends for a perfect companion to your aromatherapy pendant!

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